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Prairie Du Sac Dam: Prairie Du Sac, WI

Alliant Energy

Lemke Industrial Machine LLC:
Gantry Crane Drive Replacement

Lemke was awarded a contract to replace the existing drive on the dam gantry crane. The existing drive was located at the top center of the gantry, with line shafts running across the structure and down one leg on each side to a drive wheel. The existing design was very complicated.

The customer would accept one of two options: 1) Replace the complete drive as designed or 2) Design less complicated individual drives at each wheel.

Lemke chose option 2 and designed a drive that was mounted at the bottom of each leg, where the original drive wheels were located. The new drives consisted of a motor reducer and chain drive connection to the wheels. This allowed for the removal of all the old drive machinery and the drive shafts to the drive wheels.

This simplified design worked perfectly and was well received by the customer.



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