Project Gallery/Lock 27 - Granite City, IL

Project Gallery

Lock #27: Granite City, IL

Midwest Foundation Corp.
Tremont, IL

Lemke Industrial Machine LLC:
Furnish and test two (2) sets of Lift Gate Machinery for the Lock.

Lemke furnished two sets of lift gate machinery for Lock #27. After completing machining and assembly of the machinery, they had to be shop load tested at Lemke's facilities. Both the high and low motor speed operation had to be validated.

For the load testing, the two machinery assemblies were positioned back to back and connected with a section of the lift chain. A drive motor was connected to the input shaft of the reducer of one of the assemblies. A hydraulically controlled and adjustable load cell was connected to the input shaft of the reducer of the second assembly. The machinery was subjected to the required loads, and passed the required testing.

The load cell used in the machinery load testing was designed and constructed by Lemke.



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